Como cualquier persona normal soy absolutamente rara. Amo mi trabajo pero mi trabajo no me define.

The love song from every dog ever🐶


The love song from every dog ever🐶

Kolam is a rangoli traditionally composed of geometric lines and shapes, drawn around a grid pattern of dots. It is drawn by south Indian women with rice or chalk powder in front of their homes. 

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He does watercolors. Mostly landscapes, but a few nudes.


He does watercolors. 
Mostly landscapes, but a few nudes.

Q: Some people theorize that since the whole book series is called “A Song of Ice and Fire,” Jon is ice and Dany is fire, so it’s ultimately all about your characters.

A: Well, my ego would love that! [Laughs] Would that mean Jon becomes my lover? I would love for that to be the case!

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El Triste - Ximena Sariñana

Lee Hazlewood

—Summer Wine


Lee Hazlewood “Summer Wine”